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What’s the Story with the Chairs?

Last Friday, colorful Adirondack chairs were added to Shawano Downtown and many of you have noticed. So we thought we should take a little time and answer the question, "What’s the story with the chairs?"

The Shawano Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) is continuously working to promote and improve the downtown area. In recent years, we’ve increased the number of flower planters in front of downtown businesses, created new events (Witches’ Night Out and the Holiday Stroll & Tree Lighting), added the Shawano mural, and now, the Adirondack chairs.

The Adirondack chair project was a collaboration between the Shawano Downtown BID and Shawano Park & Rec department. Shawano Downtown BID purchased the chair materials and Shawano Park & Rec department offered to build the chairs as a project this past winter. A few weeks ago they finished painting the chairs those vibrant colors that bring so much cheer to our downtown. They wrapped up the project last Friday and graciously delivered the chairs to our downtown.

Increasing the variety of seating along Main Street, and additional areas in the downtown, was an item from the Downtown Masterplan. The Adirondack chairs bring additional seating and a bright, welcoming look to our downtown.

Thank you to Shawano Park & Rec for collaborating with the Shawano Downtown BID on this project! Team work at its finest – working to make our community better.

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