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Support Local 7$15

Support Local 7$15.png

This holiday season, we encourage you to support local businesses in Shawano Downtown. 

Think of 7 businesses you'd miss if they went away. Stop in. Shop online. Order takeout. Purchase a gift certificate. Utilize curbside pick up. Call and have it shipped.


Find a little something that makes you smile. After all, that's what keeps our Shawano Downtown businesses around.


Pick 7. Spend $15.
Make the choice to shop local and support Shawano Downtown.

Sign the Support Local 7$15 pledge TODAY to show your commitment and start shopping, dining, supporting, and enjoying Shawano Downtown!

Throughout November & December, we will randomly select weekly winners to win Shawano Downtown gift certificates. To enter, all you have to do is pledge your support to spend $15 at 7 local businesses.

Shop Now. Shop Local. Shop Shawano Downtown.

Looking for a list of Shawano Downtown businesses ? Click here for a directory of businesses.

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